Multicolor Injection Molding

Multicolor injection is a specialized injection molding process that allows us to create colorful products directly without the need for toxic paints. It allows us to maintain consistency coupled with producing a higher quality end product.

Design Consultation

Perhaps you already have your product design and 3D files all ready to go for manufacturing, or perhaps you only have an idea of what you're hoping to create. Regardless of what stage of design you are in, we are more than happy to offer our expertise into the design process for your product needs.

Manufacturing Process Case Study

You will find below an example of a 4 color product made with our multicolor injection molding process. Each color in this process utilized a different mold to maximize production output, however, we are more than capable of producing this same product with just one single tooling.

Our Process

Design: We will work closely with you to finalize your design and make sure we understand your requirements.

Prototyping: Based on your design we will produce prototypes for you to get a clear idea of what the end product will look like. Our lead time for sample production is typically around 7 - 15 business days.

Manufacturing: When we receive your approval to proceed with large scale production, we will work our magic and get your multicolor injection molded product ready.

Quality Control: Throughout the manufacturing process we will continually check that your end product conforms to the highest standards. This may include durability testing as well as shipment testing.

Full Assembly: Fenix Industries is able to offer you an all-in-one service, taking you from ideation all the way through to full assembly. Once manufacturing is complete, we provide assembly services, keeping in line with consistent quality control.

Delivery: We are able to deliver the product to where you need it and will handle the details so that you can focus on generating revenue without worry.

“ We deliver where you need it, worldwide. ”

Ready to Kickoff Your Project?

Let's bring your design vision to life.

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Ready to Kickoff Your Project?

Let's bring your design vision to life.

Fenix Industries LLC © 2023.